Stages Involved in The Production of Movies

What do you understand by the word movies? They are a form of entertainment. They provide a means of recreation. Various genre comedy, horror, suspense, romance, animated, etc.; be it Hollywood or Bollywood they are one of the cheapest and easily available means of passing time. But have you ever given a tough about how movies are made? How is it possible to perform such stunts? How are the graphics poor or good? How much money was spent to make that film? So let us see how movies are made and enjoy them on MovieHD App to their full glory.


In the beginning

The basic step towards making a movie is the story. First there should be a proper story written. If the story is inspired by any book then copyrights are bought. Then a synopsis is prepared. Then writers break the movie into scenes and more focus is given on dramatic structure. Then a screenwriter writes the story into a screenplay which usually takes time.


The biggest factor is to find a producer who is ready to invest his money in the story. Money is needed to buy cameras, stars, equipment, travel to different locations, accommodation, food for entire movie cast and workers, singers and musicians, props for various scenes, director and crew’s salary and for many more things.


In this phase every single step of actually creating the film is carefully designed and planned. The entire movie is pre-visualized by the director (maybe even by the starboard) with the help of illustrators and concept artists. An expected production budget is estimated so that expenditures can be planned. Many of the big budget projects insurance is procured to protect against accidents. The size and type of crew that would be required is determined be the nature of the film. Big budget projects have a crew of hundreds while independent movies have a crew of 8-9 people.


After the entire movie is directed and made it is assembled by video/film editor. Editing is done to various scenes as per the requirement. If any of the computer graphic visual effects are needed they are added. Sound effects are added and finally after all the editing is made to “stem”, which are then married to picture and the film is fully completed.


This is the final stage where the movie is finally released to cinemas and after sometime to directly to consumer media like DVD or VCD or even a direct download from digital media provider. The film is advertised not only on TVs but in real life also and usually done by the star cast. Posters and trailers released on Megabox App For Android also help in advertising. A red carpet premiere, press releases, interviews with the stars etc. are all methods of promoting the film.

A lot of effort is required in making of any movie. We only see the outcome of their efforts and not the hard work of all the people involved. Their effort of months is what makes the film entertaining and casts its magic upon us.

How to choose the best mountain bike

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road cycling and it is different from the everyday road biking. These bikes are designed for those who want to escape the harshness of the civilisation and explore the purity of nature without causing the release of CO2 from a metal bodied motored giant. There are a variety of mountain bikes available in the market and it gives a real hard time to an individual to choose the perfect one. Here are 5 tips that will be proved helpful while choosing a bike:

Mountain BikeFix the Budget

Determining the amount of cash one can afford to buy a bike is very important. It helps in choosing the best one within the fixed budget. It is wise to keep aside some amount of money for the extra costs that are needed for buying the seat bag, hydration pack, and biking gears. But it is recommended to spend a big amount in the start for buying the best bike rather than upgrading the parts every two months.

The best mountain bike stands for the best biking experience. So spend a considerable amount and enjoy biking.

Choosing the Style

Before choosing a mountain bike, one needs to be honest with himself. It is very important to understand what kind of the biker is and what will be the mountain bike used for. There are different styles of mountain bikes available in the market namely cross country bikes, trail mountain bikes, freestyle bikes and specific downhill bikes. As the names suggest, these different styles of mountain bikes are equipped with different types of features for the different genre of trips. So choose the style and then choosing the bike will become a child’s play.

Test Drive

Everyone knows that knowledge is power. So before choosing a mountain bike one needs to gather more knowledge about the piece. In this case, the knowledge can be gathered by taking the baby to a test ride. There are can be various equally priced bikes with similar looks but there can be many subtle differences that can only be understood by taking a test ride. Take the time to test ride as many as possible then choosing the best mountain bikes will become a piece of cake.

Bike fit and treads

A proper bike fit analysis is required to choose the best. It aids in understanding whether the mountain bike fits the size of the rider. A proper bike fit includes some changes in the length of the crank arm and stem. This will ensure a better performance of the bike on the trails. The perfect tires are also important in the adventures. So choose a bike with right tires that will match the preferred trails.

Final Say

Mountain bikes are for trails, racing through the countryside or to explore the terrains. The good mountain bikes make a biker feel at home and also makes the pedalling very comfortable. The above points are aimed at helping the bikers to choose the right bike. Go through the points, buy the best bike and ride to explore the unknown.

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